Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Musings

I have been spending time every morning listening to podcasts on the bus. I have discovered that this is a time in my day when I am accomplishing nothing but moving from one point to another. What a perfect opportunity to expand my mind. This morning it was some seriously deep Buddhist Metaphysics from the Zencast library. Along the lines of what we perceive isn't actually there. As viewers we impose meaning and label upon objects, rather than them imposing their meaning onto us as viewers. Therefore, our perceptions are unique to us and are vehicles to the creation of suffering, which is the first Noble Truth. I had to back up and replay four or more parts of this podcast, just to get the subtle meanings straight. Yesterday it was Catching Suffering before it Begins. The message here was that our suffering is born of our own attachments and inner chatter. Our monkey mind, willing to jump at a moments notice, brings us to anxiety and suffering without our conscious will. If we are aware of it, and draw it back to the moment, we can begin to reduce our suffering. I think I am starting to see a pattern here. I think this week was about mindfulness.

How wonderful to start my day by focusing my mind and reminding myself to stay present and mindful throughout my day.

Now if only I could teach my grade ones this.......

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