Friday, September 28, 2007


What a week! Yesterday was about the scariest day I have had in quite a long time. Somewhere between home and work yesterday morning I lost my glasses. I have a fabulous pair of Rx Sunglasses that I switch to on my way to work. When I got to my desk, I reached for my daily glasses only to find out that they weren't where I thought they were. 1 sprint in heels to retrace my steps to the bus stop later, I still had no idea where they were. I was terrified. I am useless without my glasses. What was I going to do? The bell was going to ring in mere minutes and I had no idea how I was going to get through attendance, let alone the rest of my day.

Thankfully I am blessed to be part of a staff of wonderful human beings. I had many offers of rides, supervision for my class, and assistance in my search. I called in a replacement for the day and hightailed it out the door in search of my spectacles. I have yet to find them. I believe they are lost. I have a new pair coming next week.

This experience really served to punctuate for me how reliant I am on my glasses. I was embarrassed, convinced that I had been careless or that it would be perceived that way. I was scared that I would not be able to do my job properly without them. It brought up quite a few strong emotions. I was surprised. Regardless, I breathed through most of them and stayed fairly balanced and calm. There was a time when I would have totally panicked and dissolved into uselessness almost immediately. I managed to keep it together, take care of my responsibilities and attempt to track down my missing item. Not bad for a Hip Tranquil Chick in training!

My wish for the future is that October will bring some calm and some peace.

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