Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Post Holiday Weekend Update

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! I have just completed my families first Thanksgiving without my beloved Nana, who passed away about a month ago. The table seemed empty somehow without her immense personality there to fill it. More through circumstance than planning a space was left empty at the dinner table, ironically where she most likely would have sat right between my Pippy and I. I noticed and felt her absence. I know most of us did.

My husband and son have stayed behind with the family for a few days, while I had to return to Toronto to work today. I will be sans family tonight after school. I think I am going to take in a yoga class and then come home to relax, regroup and write in my journal.

I hit the consignment store just before we left, and found this lovely pink lace tunic top with brushed gold hoop earrings and a pretty gold and pink necklace. I was dressed to my own satisfaction this holiday, and it only cost me 10$!

Picked up a new book; "Girl Seeks Bliss" By Nicole Beland. Quite good so far. She is reviewing Buddhism right now and hitting my own leanings quite squarely on the head. I have gotten a few book suggestions from this first chapter which I will be checking out after this book is completed. I am clearly on a new path, or rather more solidly and commitedly choosing to follow a path that I have been toying with for a number of years.

Yay Me!

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