Saturday, October 13, 2007


I recently came across some apparently age old advice that directed me to focus on the process rather than on the goal. One is more likely to achieve the goal that way. It's about making choices. Every time we turn around we are making a choice. Do we eat McDonald's or make our own lunch? Do we walk there or drive? Do we exercise or sit on the couch? Do we bitch about our day, or do we talk about the things we want to accomplish? Do we change, or do we stay the same? It's all a matter of choice.

We have the power to change ourselves. As a being, we are constantly in a state of flux. That person that we think we are changes from moment to moment. Our cells change, the position of our bodies change. The things we perceive change. Our thoughts change. That entity that we think of as ourselves is simply a shell that houses our true self, the one that observes our life from within. Are you really your haircut, or your jeans? Are you (and I truly hope you are not) your waist size? Or the shape of your breasts? The answer is no. These are all discrete parts of our outsides. Who we are is inside. We are tabula rasa, a blank slate on which we can write whatever we choose. Trouble is, we often choose the easy path, the one we recognize and are familiar with. Even if it hurts us. Even if we hate it. More often than not, we choose it. This is where suffering is born. Out of choosing from habit rather than from mindful reflection.

Do I sound like a self help junkie yet?

Choose to recreate yourself in your own ideal image. Choose happiness. Choose life. Choose you.

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