Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Girl and Her Store :)

I went on an adventure today :)

My girlfriend Margaret owns a great little store called Sweetheart Diapers down in Riverside. She just opened it this year. The horrid friend that I am, I have not yet been to visit her. So, today on the spur of the moment I packed up Ella and took a bus to her doorstep.

I walked into her shop and was greeted by the most cheery bright space. Her walls are painted a gorgeous sunshine-y yellow and all her shelves and displays are beautiful and white topped with colourful diapers and toys. She carries a variety of locally made products including slings, toys and jewelery. Her main product line is of course DIAPERS.

Beautiful, organic, eco friendly cloth diapers :)

She carries a variety of popular brands including Bum Genius and Monkey Doodlez and of course will lead you through your cloth diapering experience with skill and compassion.

And her awesome smile : D

And this fabulous, green, locally owned store is NOT in London, and it is NOT in Toronto... it is right here is our evolving little city :)

Check her out here :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lost in the Space Between My Thoughts

Blog friends, this is what I have been.

Totally lost.

Truth is things have changed a bit in my life the last little while and I am lost in my own ability to simply be peaceful and strong within it all.

Some of the changes have brought me back into my own personal home practice. I have reconnected with my Yoga Journal practice podcasts and have been creating practice space in my life as the kids play around me or as the house is quiet at night. In my other moments I am listening to the audio version of "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. I am feeling an awakening, a flowering of some part of me that was closed before. And within it I have been feeling lost.

Lost in the space between my thoughts.

In my heart it has been a very profound expansion and acceptance of everything around me. My physical habits are still feeling the change, but it is beginning within me.

....and Blog Friends, it is really deep, cool, profound, FAR OUT stuff :).....

So this is why I haven"t been posting, because my mind has been busy being all yogic. I do want you to know however that I have a file full of open ideas that are blooming too. So there is some cool stuff coming :)

Stumble back soon :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

The Force is Strong with Me

Lately I have been trying to create opportunities for myself that will create income for my family. I have a variety of training and a world of experience. I have taught so many different young people so many different things.

Coming back to my hometown after we had children was a balanced decision. On the positive side we have so many pairs of hands here to help us with our children. On the other hand, I gave up a secure teaching job at an elementary school. A secure teaching job in my hometown has not been forthcoming. Hence the trying to create opportunities.

I had a gig this morning at a local Montesorri school to teach kinder yoga to all of their classes. Definitely a different experience. I felt it was successful as a first day but that I could definitely outdo myself next week when I go in.

So I hit Google and found the most wonderful artist. Exactly what I was looking for. Kira Willey created a cd called Dance for the Sun. When I checked out the sample previews I was amazed. This is exactly what I am looking for!

Check out the song previews.... definitely a great resource for anyone wanting to bring yoga into their classroom or share yoga with children in any capacity.

This seems to be just one more step on the path the universe is leading me down. :)