Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coos and Toddles

I have made a discovery.

I believe I have what is known as a Spirited Child. He is more of everything. More persistent, more energetic, more outgoing, more intense, more stubborn. Just More.

For so long I have felt like an awful parent. I spend many of my days frustrated beyond words at his tenacity and his defiance. Then I discovered that there are other children like my Mason out there. I am picking up a book from the library tomorrow about such children and how to be a good parent to a challenging kid. My husband is reluctant to accept the label but I desperately need to know that this is not about me being a bad parent, and to practice strategies that might save me some frustration. We will see if it helps. More to follow :)

My beautiful little girl is fussing and crying constantly of late. Not that I can complain though, she is sleeping 9 hours straight through the night, and then going back for three more directly after eating herself into a slack jawed stupor. It's tough when I know how sweet she can be to know that I have done everything (fed, changed, rocked etc), and still have her squalling inconsolably in my arms. Such is the life of a parent is what I am discovering. Perhaps it is due to the diaper rash I am treating with vaseline and cornstarch, perhaps a growth spurt. We shall see tomorrow I suppose as it is day three today and they say growth spurts only last three days.

On a more fabulous and green minded note, I have made the move to cloth diapers and I love them! I feel so much better about the environmental impact of cloth. I have found myself becoming more and more conscious of my footprint with my children. I want the world to be clean and beautiful for them and their children also.

Naptime is ticking away and there is much to be done.... rest... dishes... laundry.....

Ah, motherhood.