Saturday, October 06, 2007

Yoga Thoughts

These thoughts were reverently stolen from Kimberly Wilson's "Hip Tranquil Chick" Blog. I was browsing through her archives last night and came across this. After I went to bed I found myself musing on a few of them. I went back this morning and copied them over. Very deep stuff.

- meditation, psychology, and yoga are 3 pieces of the well-being pyramid
- areas of closure are teased open with yin practice
- if you observe it, you are not fully lead by it (you become more mindful)
- restlessness is not your basic nature.
- meditation helps balance out the frenetic energy.
- our demons are fed by our resistance to them.
- no moment in life is trivial -- pay attention to subtleties.
- what you tell yourself becomes the experience.

These musings are attributed to Sarah Powers.
I can't wait to explore them at more length, when there's time.

Happy Saturday!

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