Thursday, June 28, 2007

Since no one is interested in answering my question we move on... :)

Some interesting developments have happened over the last week or so. An old employer of mine called to see if I was interested in coming to work for them for the summer. I am quite happy to . I used to teach for them and now they want me to come back and teach their French program. That's the funny thing about French, no one can speak the damn language in this country. Thank god I paid attention in high school! So, as a nice bonus, I will be stepping slowly back into the working world and by doing so getting my brain back into that mode. I will also be making some extra money which means that I can buy a new work wardrobe without any guilt! (which of course is the most important thing here:P)

I am pleased that I now seem to have the power in the work situation. Speaking a second language seems to have worked incredibly well for me. Maybe I should imrove my skill.....hmmm......

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Rick said...

hey, good news!

Your Brother