Monday, June 11, 2007

The Hip Mom; Domesticated

I fixed it!

My son has very thick ankles. So thick that his baby shoes, the hippest little baby shoes to have, do not fit. They leave blisters on his poor little ankles. I devised a solution to this problem about a month ago, but only found all the materials, the time and a cooperative son all at the same moment yesterday.

Said shoes have elastics holding the ankles together, so I removed the elastic and replaced it with a longer piece, thereby making the shoes fit. This is not as easy a project as it sounds. Once you cut the elastic it wants to run and hide in the shoe, so you have to use one of your presumably three hands to hold the one end, cut the elastic and hold the other end. Then, you have to tie the new elastic to the old elastic to pull it through. Once it is pulled through, the shoe must be installed on the wriggling and curious babies foot and the elastic measured to fit. Tie it off and cut. Yay! Shoe that fits! Now to make a pair...... half an hour later we have a pair that fits. I can't wait to do the next pair......

So, I fixed it! Without having to spend more than a Dollar. Good for me :) Welcome to motherhood... where necessity and frugality are the mothers of invention :)

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