Saturday, September 22, 2007

Enter; the Hip Tranquil Chick!

I purchased a new book today, after surfing amazon.ca with my tea. I am not sure how I came across it, or what lead me to it, but I am thrilled with my purchase. It is exactly what I need!

The book is called "Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life On and Off the Yoga Mat" written by Kimberly Wilson. It explores all the things I have been ruminating about of late; creating a personal yoga practice that suits my lifestyle, dressing to reflect who I am, creating a vision for who I would like to be and consciously making choices to fulfill that vision, and being hip and tranquil the whole time! I dove right into it when I came home. I think I might have found my new bible....

One of the first things I did after opening this book was run to get a highlighter, pencil and journal to write in. (You know I am serious when..) I started my examining the "if only's"

- if only I were less fat
- if only I had more money
- more time
- better communication with my partner
- more time
- a more tranquil child
- more like minded friends
- more freedom
- more time....

and then I continued on to identifying my values. These things are supposed to help me create a vision statement for who I want to be. (I haven't created that yet, but I will)

I flipped to the back of the book and read about wardrobing.... lots of ideas for how to spruce up my wardrobe, which has been needing it and organize my life, which has also been needing it.

I am pumped about this book. I haven't been this excited about ANYTHING in a long time.

We'll see where it goes :) I will be back soon ...

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