Sunday, April 27, 2014

Earth Day Festival 2014 @ Malden Park

What an excellent morning we had at Malden Park today :) 

The Earth Day Festival at Malden Park is becoming an annual family event here in the Renaud household.  We pack a litterless lunch, and head out early so we can get a good parking spot.  

There were many vendors there this year including some of our faves ShopECO, Taloola Cafe, University of Windsor Science Department, Detroit River Conservation Council (DRCC) as well as multiple others.  

One of my motivators for heading to the festival is always the seedlings that are given out.  Last year we planted local tomato seedlings that we brought home from the festival.  This year I left with seedlings enough to not have to buy salad fixn's  at all this season. Lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes will grace my containers and my garden this year.  I will keep you posted on their progress!

The little Renaud-it-alls were expertly engaged by the Kids Passport that they received as soon as we arrived.  There were ten items on the passport that the kids had to then go find, get a stamp from each, and then return to claim their prizes. What a great way to engage the kids!!  They enjoyed the experience last year, and it was only enhanced by engaging them as active participants, encouraging them to seek, inquire and engage with experts, advocates and merchants from the local community. 

We discovered, moving from vendor to vendor, that this years festival was all about water.  What a great way to raise awareness about the risks to the integrity of our water supply by encouraging people to consider the cleanliness of our drinking water, how to conserve it, and how to keep it clean.  Fracking and irresponsible transportation of oil are only two of many risk factors threatening our global water supply.  

One notable absence was the local First Nations Community.  We would love to see them come out and engage next year!  

All in all, our Earth Day experience at Malden Park was a great success this year.  Well done all!  

See you in 2015!

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