Sunday, September 26, 2010

Virya & Asana

The last few months I have been exploring the paramitas. This fantastic book that I was gifted from my mother years ago has resurfaced in my life at a a coincidental time with my recent path of growth and change. This wonderful text "Buddha is as Buddha does" by Lama Surya Das gives you ten practices for enlightened living. Among those are patient forbearance and wisdom and mindfulness and meditation, and heroic effort.

As i revisited the skill of heroic effort I began to consider the fatigue and inertia of my depression and was led to think about the heroic effort that this time could teach me in my life. This skill would help me and and by extension help everyone around me and it would be of spiritual value towards a higher accomplishment.

A Monday morning, I head to my yoga class and my radiantly pregnant instructor Renee has chosen to run class a little differently. We start in Virasana - hero's pose. Today of all days she is choosing to explore our hero. Courage, to face the unknown, to bear with discomfort, to approach things with new eyes, to change. Coming to my mat and bringing the hero from my head, down into my heart. It was a profound experience that is inviting me to allow the skill to take root in my heart and grow.

I choose heroic effort.

Do you?

Practice guided by- Renee < @Eastside Yoga in Windsor.

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