Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Collection of Newpapers.

On the morning after 9/11 I bought a newspaper that I keep in a cedar chest downstairs. I believed, and still do that it was a piece of history that I wanted preserved for my children. I will be buying another today.

America has elected it's first black president.
What an amazing victory.
Today truly is a new day. We have not yet lived in a world where the most important and influential leader in it is anything other than white.

I am astounded and awed at the truly monumental social change that this represents.

As I watched the victory form last night and the man himself take the stage to speak to a waiting world, I was amazing by his humility. He speaks of change, and he asks of his people their support and their conscious action. He spoke of the history of race politics and relations in America, from their violent and oppressive beginnings to their current state and then to the possible future that this heralds, He reminded America that they cannot simply fall back into their old patterns, that this change must represent real change. America has truly made history. Now the challenge will be to commit to the long haul of change that this historic decision requires. No longer can they be an oil addicted national. No longer can they allow themselves to glut on their Americanism. At each turn they must stop and reflect on what the better choice is. Green, or greed. Global or self seeking. Violence or peace. Truth or evasion.

I believe that change is possible. The incredible numbers that Obama drew to the polls, numbers not seen in the history of America, tell me that the country is waking out of its apathy and seeking a new direction. America is ready to lead the world into the new millenium.

I have bope for my children and the world that they will inherit. I am proud of humanity today and what we have accomplished.

Change is truly possible.

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