Friday, March 28, 2014

35 Things I Have Learned in 35 Years

I turn 35 this year.  Granted, it doesn't happen for another 8 months, but I cannot escape the awareness that this is my 35th year.  So, to explore and celebrate this, I decided to get all listy :)  Enjoy!

35 lessons from my 35 years. 

1. Don't poke the bear

2. It all washes out.

3. A shiny sink is medicine for the soul

4.  Nice people aren't always nice.

5.  Harsh words hurt.

6.  Tomorrow is a new day.

7. Sunshine cures almost all ills

8. A good anthem dance cures any bad mood..  

9.  Belting out a good song will vent any frustrations you have.  A beautiful expression of what could be negative energy. 

10.  Let it go. Sometimes that means crying it out, yelling it out, talking it out.  Letting it go.  

11. Dancing is beautiful.  

12. Seasons change.  In everything.  The winter cannot last forever.  This too shall pass. Spring will come. Trust it. 

13.  Like winter, spring and summer don't last either.  Winter always comes back around again. So love spring, and revel in summer.  This too shall pass. 

14.  Savour it.

15.  Do what you love.  Nothing else will make you want to get up in the morning.

16. Pain is your teacher. Listen to it. 

17.  Geeks are cool..

18.  Science contributes to spiritual development.  If you're a geek:)  It's how you tell really.

19.  Eat green.  Fewer ingredients is better.  Chemicals are bad for nature. 

20.  Achievement feels good. However, please also refer to #14.

21.  Kids are wonderful and terrible at the same time.  In opposites there is beauty.  Contrast is what makes things stand out.  In wouldn't be incredible if it wasn't also incredibly hard. 

22.  Failure is hard.  Multiple failures in a row are devestating.  However, please also refer to #14 and #16

23.  Someone who loves you no matter what is an incredible gift.  Cherish them. 

24.  No one lives forever, so live now. 

25.  Self awareness is a blessing and a curse. 

26.  The dirty hippies were right.  Peace is the answer. 

27.  Make your bed.  

28. Call your mother

29.  Juice is better when it's fresh.

30.  You are never ready to have children.

31.  Naps are wonderful.

32.  You are stronger than you think you are. 

33.  Look at the stars.  It will make all you problems seem small.

34.  Laugh.

35.  Plant a garden.  Watch it grow. 

Whew!  That took a lot to complete :) May my next 35 years bring 35 more lessons that are just as valuable. 

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