Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Girl and Her Store :)

I went on an adventure today :)

My girlfriend Margaret owns a great little store called Sweetheart Diapers down in Riverside. She just opened it this year. The horrid friend that I am, I have not yet been to visit her. So, today on the spur of the moment I packed up Ella and took a bus to her doorstep.

I walked into her shop and was greeted by the most cheery bright space. Her walls are painted a gorgeous sunshine-y yellow and all her shelves and displays are beautiful and white topped with colourful diapers and toys. She carries a variety of locally made products including slings, toys and jewelery. Her main product line is of course DIAPERS.

Beautiful, organic, eco friendly cloth diapers :)

She carries a variety of popular brands including Bum Genius and Monkey Doodlez and of course will lead you through your cloth diapering experience with skill and compassion.

And her awesome smile : D

And this fabulous, green, locally owned store is NOT in London, and it is NOT in Toronto... it is right here is our evolving little city :)

Check her out here :)

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good read, post more!